Dear Jeff

Mr. Craft on October 15th, 2007

Dear Jeff,

We are a class of sixth graders at CrossRoads Middle School in Columbia, SC. We enjoy your show. We’ve noticed that you have used some Spanish on the Jeff Corwin Experience. We are going to help you with your Spanish so you can become even better.

This is not just for Jeff Corwin! If you want to practice your Spanish this website will help you too! We hope you enjoy this letter and of course this website. Remember, keep up your Spanish!


Mr. Craft’s Sixth Graders at CrossRoads Middle School

2 Responses to “Dear Jeff”

  1. This is a great website this class did a great job. I am using this site as part of a homework assignment to find a site posted by a student and evaluate it. Very well done. Hope someone get this message.

    Wendy B
    College Student
    Baker University
    Allen Park, Michigan

  2. hey jeff this is an awsome site i love the way you incorperated learning spanish into this website it rocks!


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