Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt!

Mr. Craft on January 4th, 2008

We have had so much fun making our show, Scavenger Hunt for Spanish that we want to invite you to make one as well! Remember, we do our shows pretty much entirely without our teacher’s help, and we’d like you to as well! Let’s show Jeff that kids can really make this happen!

Here’s how to make your very own scavenger hunt in a few easy steps!

1. Decide on a few words you think Jeff should learn. Translate them into Spanish using a Spanish/English dictionary or an online translator. You might want to get someone who speaks Spanish fluently (like a teacher) and who won’t mislead you to confirm the translation.

2. Grab a video camera and set up a few shots. Make sure you have parent/guardian permission for each person’s face you put on camera, especially if he or she is a minor (under 18). The more creative, the better! Once you finish shooting…

3. Edit the video. We add an intro and an outro to each episode. We use a song that we found over at ccmixter which means it doesn’t require a license to use. Make sure you don’t try to use music that’s copyright! If you do, we won’t show it.

4. Upload it to YouTube and tag it with scavengerhuntforspanish so we can see all the entries! Then let us know through the submission page that you’ve uploaded and who you are! We won’t take anonymous entries but we will respect your privacy.

(image source: ryanrocketship)

Here is the fine print, make sure you’re ok with all of it before getting started, and make sure there’s a teacher and/or parent that’s ok with the project before you get started.

1. You must complete, upload and ensure your project is watchable by Friday, March 7, 2008.

2. The scavenger hunt must be no longer than seven (7) minutes with a target length of three (3) to four (4) minutes.

3. You agree that you have obtained appropriate permission to display children’s faces, images or likenesses prior to uploading the project. You agree to not hold liable the crew, Christopher Craft, CrossRoads Middle School, or Lexington/Richland School District 5. You further idemnify the aforementioned parties from any legal liability whatsoever. If you post a project, you must obtain the proper permissions to do so.

4. You retain ownership of the video as far as is concerned. You agree that by uploading the project to a publically accessible video sharing site (i.e. Youtube) that we can embed the video onto our site for public display.

5. You agree not to violate any copyright laws as they might apply. Since this video will be displayed on a blog housed in the U.S.A. you agree to also follow U.S. copyright laws.

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