Spanish Magical Board Game Episode 2

Mr. Craft on March 17th, 2009

We’ve completed our second episode of Spanish Magical Board Game. Here it is on Vimeo, click through to watch it in High Definition (HD).

And here it is on SchoolTube if Vimeo is blocked where you are.

The episode is also available on YouTube (in HD also) and TeacherTube.

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Spanish Magical Board Game

Mr. Craft on March 9th, 2009

The ladies find a magical board game and it teaches Spanish! This entire episode was written by, recorded by, and edited by students.

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The Case of the Missing Binder

Mr. Craft on December 13th, 2008

This is our second episode this school year, with more to come.Or:

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Spanish Gameshow

Mr. Craft on December 2nd, 2008

It’s our first episode of the new school year! It’s been a while in the works, and technical difficulties have nealry crippled our efforts. This is hard to do when it’s just kids working on it! Their first attempt is a Spanish gameshow!

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End of the year party

Mr. Craft on May 27th, 2008

This will be our final episode this year. It’s worth noting that our hostesses (and no, I never could get a guy to do this!) are hunting for clues to have a party! Here’s the episode. [youtube][/youtube]

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Episode 7 – Vignettes

Mr. Craft on May 12th, 2008

This episode is a bunch of little vignettes. It’s odd, I wonder if any gentlemen will step up to make an episode this year. Why is it that the girls are braver? Anyway, guys, we need an episode from you! [youtube][/youtube]

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Episode 5 – iSpanish

Mr. Craft on March 12th, 2008

This is a brand new episode by brand new kids. From the ladies who host to the student who edited it, it’s a whole new crew! See what you think! Be sure to tell us in the comments, which are moderated. [youtube][/youtube]

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New episode coming soon

Mr. Craft on February 18th, 2008

Unfortunately, I’ve lost our two ladies who hosted the show. Due to some unfortunate class changes (they finished my course and moved on to new and different things) and our inability to work around the confines of the school schedule, I’ve been frantically searching for new hosts. I’ve found two (well, they found me, actually) […]

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Scavenger Hunt for Spanish Episode 4

Mr. Craft on January 12th, 2008

Episode 4 has our ladies reviewing all our previous clues and announcing our DIY Scavenger Hunt project! Make sure you watch all the way through to see our blooper reel at the end! If you are subscribed to the feed via iTunes it will update automatically. You can also download a high quality (~30 megs) […]

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Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt!

Mr. Craft on January 4th, 2008

Announcing the first ever Create – Your – Own – Scavenger – Hunt – for – Spanish project! We’ve had so much fun making our episodes of Scavenger Hunt for Spanish that we’d like you to make one, too! The goal is that you’d make a 3-4 minute video with 1-2 new Spanish words for […]

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